Den on the I-10
5/23/1939 TO 8/28/2019

Den submitted his KKCR Volunteer Application on November 13, 2003.

Under "My Goals & Objectives working at KKCR", Den wrote: "To receive orientation and training on the broadcasting equipment To fill in for on air personalities when they are unavailable to do their shows. My music interests are quite eclectic; so I don't have a definite idea for a genre at this time. I would like to find a music niche that is not now being covered."

Den submitted his "Den on the I-10" show proposal a year later.

He volunteered year round and was responsible for bringing in several volunteers including Slim, the Commodore, Inspector Dan and Dr. Yogi.

He was a "Best Friend" to so many people. Kind, Hilariously Funny, Generous, Hard Working, a Tough Hombre, Super Cool, Incredibly smart and handy.

He was the Best of Us and we love and miss him so much.

Archives of Den on the I-10 Programs:

August 30, 2011

February 28,2012

May 20, 2013

March 11, 2014

April 21, 2015

February 16, 2016


Den on the I-10 with Dennis MacCoumber
From 2004 to 2016 Tuesdays 10pm - Midnight

One of the best things I discovered living on Kauai after going to sea all my work life in the merchant marines was KKCR.

After volunteer hours and learning how to play a CD I was given the opportunity to do a show.Den on the I-10 features music where the artists have roots along Interstate Ten; the road on the U.S. mainland that starts in Los Angeles and ends in Jacksonville, FL; an area rich in music influences from both sides of the border.

Happy trails!