The Kekahu Foundation is a non-profit corporation established under the laws of the State of Hawaii for the purpose of establishing and developing a community based group for the purpose of instruction in and dissemination of educational and cultural material in the public interest, including but not limited to the use of a radio station located in the County of Kauai (KKCR).

If you would like to become a member of the Kekahu Foundation Board of Directors please download this Application for Candidacy for Director of the Kekahu Foundation.

Completed Petitions and Applications must be addressed to the Kekahu Foundation Election Committee and received at KKCR, 4250 D Hanalei Plantation Road, Princeville HI, 96722 or PO Box 825, Hanalei HI 96714.

Aloha members of the Kekahu Foundation and KKCR,

Conducting elections for the Kekahu Foundation Board of Directors (which oversees the operation of KKCR) takes a lot of effort; and in the past, voter turnout has not been very high. But the Board nonetheless wants to ensure that KKCR is responsive to its members.

So if at least 15% of KKCR's Kauai members let us know that they want an election for new directors to be held, the Board will conduct such an election later this year. Otherwise, the Board will select new directors from its list of qualified applicants.

If you are a member of KKCR (that is, if you have contributed money or time to KKCR since the start of the Fall 2013 pledge drive) and your primary residence is on Kauai, please let us know by clicking here and submitting the form.

All responses to this election solicitation must be sent by November 15, 2014.

Board of Directors

Steve Thatcher - President

Maren Orion - Vice-President

Jeff Frisk - Treasurer

Anni Caporuscio - Secretary

Healani Waiwaiole

Carl Imparato

Donovan Cabebe


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