Basking in the Blues
with Ginger Moonstone

10pm to Midnight Tuesdays

I worked as a college and career high school counselor in California San Jose area for 8 years prior to moving to Kauai last year. I have published a children's book called Dignity Rocks, which covers different aspects of bully. I have my Bachelors degree in Human Services and Counseling from Notre Dame de Namur and enjoy doing career development for teens and young adults. I have worked with Hewlett Packard and other software development companies primarily in semi conductor technologies. I have lived in Bonaire, Tokyo, Cayman Islands, and spent 10 years in Norway. Recently the last few years, I have studied the Blues and blues history, making a cross country blues tour last year for 6 weeks, 17 states, 10,000 miles. I visited and interviewed musicians and attended blues festivals across the country. I have a YouTube channel and FB page (5000 followers) dedicated to blues, called Basking in the Blues, where I interview and review blues releases in my car. I recently co produced a blues CD by legendary blues artist Rockin Johnny Burgin from Chicago called, Neoprene Fedora. Currently I am working on producing a dedication CD called, Howlin' at Greaceland , a tribute to the late great Howlin' Wolf. It should be released this summer and will be submitted to the Blues Music Awards committee. I am also a middle eastern dancer, having studied in Egypt with Mona El Said and originally with Jamila Salimpour, of Bal Anat. My dream would be to open a small intimate blues club called, BlueBeet , where local musicians and visiting artists could perform, create, and share their artistic gifts with the local community.

What inspired you to volunteer at KKCR? Did you have any radio experience prior to volunteering with KKCR, always want to be a broadcaster, ...?
I heard about KKCR and volunteering from one of the local volunteers and DJ's..Jack. I have been involved in community service activities on several areas in the Bay area, and was the Community service coordinator for our high school. I have broadcasting experience from our school TV channel and also have made around 50 Basking in the blues videos where I often would interview band members regarding their CD release.

What are you favorite programs on KKCR?
I began volunteering and started sitting in with Vic the Barber for his blues night and enjoyed that so much it inspired me to think about continuing the blues til midnight. I enjoy all the variety of broadcasters, Hawaiian, Reggae, and the many other musical nuggets on KKCR.

How has your volunteer experience been? Do you have any advice for people who aren't sure if they would like to volunteer?
It has been a great experience down at KKCR. I am relatively new here, and it has made me feel more a part of the community. Also, KKCR is an excellent source for if we ever have an emergency situation. I was intrigued to find out the history and purpose of the station, and what a vital service we perform for the members of our community. Everyone can contribute to their community and KKCR offers a fun and easy way to get involved and get to know what's going on in their area and island.

Describe your show Basking in the Blues.
Basking in the Blues will play current blues artists from across the country and also around the world. There are many upcoming artists in UK, Finland, Norway, Germany, Italy, South and Central America etc. The blues has a root here in America but has morphed and grown to fit into many cultures. I will be having artists call in and interview them on what inspires them, their mentors, and look historically to lyrics and connections, past and present. I was inspired in my blues journey by a quote by Paul Olivers' Blues Fell This Morning book, which says: All Blues are lusty, lyrical realism, charged with taut sensibility